Sports logistics are a lot to handle at any scale. From scheduling to coordinating with teams, individual players, coaches, officials, and in youth sports parents, there is a lot to manage. 

Our Grassroots Platform is sports club and team management system designed to provide a central point of information for every stakeholder as well as offering a portal to manage various tasks and responsibilities.

The platform provides solution modules for the following:

Player Registration:
  • Manage player registration journey
  • Easy two-step registration process
  • Invite or create new players quickly
  • Verification / parental consent, player transfers
Player Management:
  • Search and create players
  • Easily assign players to teams
  • Manage player data / information
  • Manage connected parent / carers
  • Accreditation checklist
  • Player development pathways
  • Club sustainability standards 
  • Affiliation checklist
  • Team affiliation model
  • Affiliation process management
Self Registration:
  • Sharable Club and Team invite links
  • Player self-registration process
  • Parental controlled player registration
League Submissions Management:
  • Submission management
  • League participation process
Parent/Carer Management:
  • Parental controls for players
  • Communication safeguarding
  • Multi child / dependant functionality
Club Management:
  • Club information
  • Manage Club documents
  • Club Grounds allocation
  • Club linking functionality
Team Management:
  • Create and manage Teams
  • Team profiles
  • Manage team officials
Officials Management:
  • Manage Team staff
  • Staff Safeguarding
  • Staff qualifications
  • Manage Team players