Our Cyber Defense practice is based on a holistic approach: We develop strategies and measures to prevent, detect, and respond to security issues. Combined with technical, operational, and organizational controls, we offer a complete portfolio of protective services.

A Robust Approach to Threats
Security Architecture & Engineering

Implement multiple layers of security controls with service offerings such as Zero Trust Architecture, Application Security, Network Security and Identity, and Access Management.  

Cyber Threat Hunting

Utilize our proactive and hypothesis-based approach to find Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that fall below the alert threshold of traditional security controls.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Gather Intelligence and analyze information about potential and actual cyber threats with Program Build, Advisory and Intel Reporting.

Cloud Security

Protect cloud infrastructure, including applications and data, from cyber threats, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security risks.

Attack Surface Reduction

Minimize attack points and vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, systems, and applications through analysis and remediation strategies that reduce entry points and the overall attack surface.

Insider Threat

Deter, detect, and respond to risks associated with malicious or inadvertent insider behaviors.

Cyber Resilience Optimization
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Cyber Defense
Verification of Target Information and System Componentry
Probing Identified Systems for Known Vulnerabilities
Exploitation of Server Vulnerabilities
Exploitation of Server Database Vulnerabilities
Exploitation of Middleware Vulnerabilities
Exploitation of Applications

A leading provider of trusted, neutral numbering and registry administration services within the telecommunications industry. 

The customer faced a significant challenge due to limited resources within their cybersecurity team. They needed assistance in conducting thorough third-party vendor risk management assessments and internal security architecture audits. In addition, expertise in software security for native cloud transformation was required to review their existing architecture.   

Orion offered a comprehensive solution to address the customer’s challenges: 

Vendor Risk Management Assessments were conducted across multiple tiers to ensure compliance with regulatory security requirements. Orion’s expertise helped identify potential vulnerabilities and threats associated with the customer’s vendors.  

A Security Architecture Audit was assigned a dedicated security architect. This expert collaborated with the customer’s lead architects to review and assess the design of their new cloud-native applications. Their aim was to identify any security gaps and recommend best practices for Secure DevOps, enabling the customer to build secure applications from the group up. 

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