Centralized Security for the Enterprise 

Cyber threats are increasing in complexity and frequency meaning organizations need to be ready. Traditional security functions that operate in silos, non-integrated tools, and other gaps lead to a lack of coordination, delayed responses, limited visibility, and increased vulnerability. Our Cyber Fusion Accelerator centralizes security operations increasing coordination, collaboration, and identifying threats before they happen. 

Protecting Our Clients

Our Cybersecurity team has designed and built Cyber Fusion centers for some of the most security-conscious Fortune 500 organizations around the world. By integrating their security functions, their incident response times became two times faster. 

Reduction in False Positives
Faster Threat Detection
Increase in Proactive
Threat Mitigation
Operational Cost Savings
Be Prepared for Anything
Our Cyber Fusion Center is tailored to meet the heightened security demands of high-risk sectors with the precision and advanced expertise of our team. We consolidate multiple security tools and processes leading to streamlined operations and potentially major cost savings for organizations.
Unified Security Integration
Get a 360-degree security view by centralizing intelligence, incident response, and security operations in a cohesive system, enhancing the overall efficiency of efforts.
Streamlined Incident Management
Facilitate faster and more effective detection and response capabilities for security incidents, decreasing response times and mitigating potential impacts.
Enhanced Collaboration & Scalability
Promote better collaboration within and between teams while providing scalable solutions adaptable to evolving threats and your business needs.
Take a Proactive and Adaptive Approach to Security
Don’t react after the fact, meet with our Cybersecurity experts and protect yourself from the complex and sophisticated cyber threat landscape.
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Why Orion’s Cyber Fusion Center Accelerator?
Our Cyber Fusion Construct and Workflow has been refined through years of research and in-field experience delivering integrated security solutions for our clients. Built on a core of existing cybersecurity capabilities, the centralized solution streamlines security operations to help you achieve your cyber defense vision.
Proactive Approach

We prefer a proactive approach by identifying and neutralizing threats rather than being reactive and addressing threats only after they manifest.

Security Expertise

Our experts are committed to providing comprehensive guidance and support as clients transition to the Cyber Fusion model to ensure smooth and efficient adoption. 

Ever Evolving

As the nature of cyber threats continuously evolves, so do we, continually investing in the latest cybersecurity tools and technologies to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.  

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