Technology adoption in the academic market of developing nations is increasing at a rapid pace. Managing operations for schools, colleges, educational boards, universities, and other educational institutions is as complex as any enterprise, especially when there are masses of students in markets like India. Technology solutions have the potential to streamline operations, save time, cost, effort and enhance overall education delivery. That’s where the Orion Education Platform comes in.

Orion has been innovating education products in India for two decades. For educational institutes that directly interface with students, Orion offers technology products for managing the entire student life cycle. We offer products across student onboarding, management, fee collection, virtual classroom, virtual library, online assessment, on-premise digital assessment, student evaluation, reports & analytics and more.

For boards and universities that primarily interface with schools, colleges and other certification courses, our education platform offers a range of products for affiliation management, centralized examinations, verification & inquiry management.

The Orion Education Platform consists of the following modules which can be deployed individually or as one integrated platform:

Orion Education ERP Solution – Campus Affiliation Registration Examination Enquiry & Verification System (CAREEVS)

The Orion Education ERP Solution, CAREEVS, is a comprehensive, cloud-based modular solution developed specifically for education boards and universities to manage registration, examinations and student enquiries.

Orion Live Ink – Character Recognition Tool

Orion Live Ink is a proprietary data-capturing solution consisting of a digital pen embedded with Orion’s character recognition technology that digitally captures handwritten information and converts it into digital numeric data with 100% accuracy.

Orion Bundle Management Solution

The Orion Bundle Management Solution (BMS) is a document storage and retrieval system that allows universities and education boards to systemize, organize, track and store documents for collection, storage, and distribution purposes.

Orion Academy-X – Business Automation for Education

The Orion Academy-X is an all-in-one business process automation solution for administrators and teachers to onboard, manage, facilitate and communicate with students and parents. It automates processes pertaining to admissions, fee collections, managing examinations, access to facilities such as library, hostel and more.

Orion Classmate – Online Classroom Solution

The Orion Classmate enables online classroom streaming anytime, anywhere. Students can use the solution from their computers, tablets or mobile devices to access videos that are either live streamed or recorded by teachers and faculty ahead of time.

Orion e-AssessMe – Online Examination Management

e-AssessMe is an online examination management platform that enables online examination setup, execution, evaluation, reports & analytics. To ensure complete examination integrity, e-AssessMe leverages AI-based proctoring that facilitates face detection, facial recognition, object detection and voice activity detection. 

Orion Paperless Exam Management (Tablet)

The Orion Paperless Exam Management solution is a state-of-art hardware solution that allows students to complete examinations on a tablet using a stylus. It is applicable for both multiple choice and short answer questions. For evaluators, the solution offers the convenience of cloud-based access and helps expedite the process of publishing results.

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