Capture business ready data anytime, anywhere

Orion Live Ink is a proprietary data-capturing solution consisting of a digital pen embedded with Orion’s character recognition technology that digitally captures handwritten information and converts it into digital numeric data with 100% accuracy. It securely captures data in real time with a patented digital pen and a standard tablet (Android/Windows) device that transmits data to the server or cloud with encryption.

It eliminates the time and cost associated with scanning to digitize data and minimizes chances of human error. Since it’s user-friendly, Orion Live Ink is an ideal solution for automating paper-driven processes, such as field services, surveys, registration forms, etc. that often rely on handwritten data.

How Orion Live Ink works 

Orion’s Live Ink is comprised of a traditional pen and paper methodology for capturing data. Orion Live Ink technology digitizes handwritten data with 100% accuracy. Through its data capture and transfer, it accelerates the process to consolidate data by more than 80% when compared to other technologies. Orion Live Ink requires no major investment, saves valuable time and cost by eliminating the need for scanning, and takes just two easy steps to digitize data:

  • Transcribe: Use the specially designed pen to instantaneously transcribe the handwritten data.
  • Digitize: The tablet app then digitizes the handwritten data. You can review and confirm for it to be autosubmitted.


  • Captures handwritten data using a patented pen and iPad or Android tablet
  • Applies totaling and rubrics in real time for faster data submission


  • Accelerates the data entry process and reduces manual effort
  • Eliminates possibility for errors
  • No special training and little adaptation required since data entry is nearly identical to the traditional pen and paper method

Orion Live Ink Application across Industries 

Education: Deliver better education outcomes by redefining your institutional processes, governance and business productivity 

The education industry is rapidly changing the way it uses technology. With improved interoperability, accessibility and delivery of information services, the industry is embracing the transition to a digital future. Orion’s education solution assists education institutions to redefine the governance, business processes and students’ learning experience to move beyond the confines of traditional operating models. 

Financial Services: Capture it fast and right, from the start 

Collecting personal data is a critical function for banking, insurance and financial companies; it not only directly impacts business governance and service, but it also acts a key element for building strong customer relationships. However, financial organizations are grappling with this complex and time-consuming process due to lack of standard procedures and prevalence of conventional pen and paper methods.

With Orion Live Ink, the steps involved in customer on-boarding can be drastically reduced, and activation could be completed without any waiting period. Orion Live Ink can convert data into a digital format and safely transfer it back to the main branch, all in real-time. With no learning curve and minimum upfront investments, the solution can be rolled out swiftly utilizing organizations’ existing infrastructure. 

Government and Public Sector: Deliver fast, seamless and effective citizen services 

Government and public sector organizations require a robust document digitization process that can streamline paper-based transactions while eliminating tasks such as scanning and re-keying of information. However, with conventional data capture methods, the biggest challenge is dealing with large volumes of paper and complex document processing workflow, along with lack of skilled staff and their reluctance to adapt to new technologies.

Orion Live Ink addresses the above concerns by helping government and public sector organization establish a data capture process that leverages the traditional pen and paper method. The solution reduces efforts required for managing a huge volumes of paper-work while streamlining digitization of documents for the citizenry as well as inter-departmental work. 

Retail and Logistics: Empower your delivery with real-time visibility 

Retail and logistics companies are witnessing a phenomenal rise in demand due to rapid proliferation of online stores. Both organized and unorganized retails channels are set to grow at a very rapid pace over the next few years. However, expanding the service reach by developing strong back and front-end supply and logistic networks will require a technology that can capture data accurately.

Orion’s Live Ink solution is an apt solution for this emerging need of retail organizations. With a digital pen and tablet, data can be captured remotely and transferred to the main servers via mobile devices to streamline any tasks demanding paperwork. This real time data can be used as a proof of delivery as well to resolve any issues or disputes and subsequently improve customer service. 

Healthcare: Drive effective healthcare outcomes by setting new standards for quality care 

Data governance is a critical aspect of quality healthcare and also one of the most challenging to manage. To support care delivery and other functions, medical records need to be securely stored and accurately tracked. They must be available to providers at a second’s notice – while, at the same time, remain compliant with Government and State regulations. Capturing this unstructured health information and updating patient records often takes up valuable time for providers that instead could be utilized to deliver better patient care.

Orion Live Ink can effectively bridge this gap by enabling data capture in real-time while employing the conventional digital pen and paper method. The data can be validated further to ensure corrections are made before it is submitted to patient records server. 

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