Educational institutions, from elementary to higher education are being impacted by technology in various ways.

In advanced economies, technology factors into being able to attract students, from the beginning of the user experience on a website, to the flexibility needed in how schools deliver education, to the digital transformation of business operations including data governance and management.

Education in emerging economies
In emerging economies such as India, Africa, South America, Middle East and South East Asia, education is riddled with many contradictions in terms of accessibility, parity and quality. Key challenges include high acquisition costs, linguistic barriers, implementation challenges due to infrastructure issues, governance and technology skillsets.

Technological evolution in education
The good news is that in the past decade, higher education has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of number of students enrolled, number of courses offered, reach of institutions and technological evolution.

As a result of this growth, the business processes at universities has become quite complex. Many major school boards and universities across emerging economies have automated their critical processes, to some extent; but in a highly non-comprehensive way.

Using disparate software and technologies render them unequipped to leverage the information gathered for other inter-dependent processes in a true sense. As an example, one of the major problems faced by many universities is to conduct infallible examinations and provide tamper proof certificates. There isn’t any real seamless integration between affiliation, registration, examination, evaluation and verification systems.

Technology solutions for higher education within emerging markets
Orion has a strong footprint in higher education in emerging markets. We provide real value by helping increase the time for teaching and knowledge assimilation, and reduce the time in non-productive processes imposed by old school technologies.

From digitizing handwritten data (Live Ink) to enabling instant results publication, Orion is at the forefront of automating critical business processes for school boards and universities in emerging markets.

Orion can assist higher education institutions in redefining the governance, business processes, and student user and learning experience, to move beyond the confines of traditional operating models.

Learn more about our data-capturing solution, Live Ink.
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