AssessMe is a state-of-art hardware solution that allows students to complete examinations on a tablet using a stylus, and it is applicable for both multiple choice and short answer questions. The solution transforms the entire exam process by automating distribution, completion and grading for exam administrators, evaluators and students. By enhancing the user experience, adding value, driving efficiency, and saving time, the tool addresses the industry’s most common challenges related to mobile assessments.

How it Works

When using AssessMe, the administrator first creates the exam and indicates title, date, start time, duration, language, section numbers, and question order. Benefits for administrators include easy monitoring, advanced encryption, cost reduction and time efficiency.

The candidate then completes the exam with an online tablet and stylus on the indicated date. To verify the candidate’s identity, one must provide a photo ID. Once finished with the exam, the candidate submits their answers to the evaluator. Benefits for students taking the exam include that the format is comparable to that of a written test so it requires little adjustment, exams can be completed while offline, and autosave ensures that answers are not lost.

The evaluator is alerted of exam submissions and can review answers in the cloud so grading can be done on the fly, and exam review is made easier.

  • Question Bank Management System with versatile question formats for video, audio, and image-based questions, multiple choice format, short answers, matching and essay submissions
  • Multiple languages
  • Data privacy and robust information security
  • Scalable and cloud-based
  • Interactive
  • Customizable with ability to shuffle questions
  • Dedicated customer support on exam days
  • Simplified assessments
  • Mobile grading and evaluation process
  • Real-time results
  • AI-based assisted grading tools
  • Intelligent alerts when identifying errors
  • Advanced analytics and dashboard for administrators, students and evaluators
  • Environmentally conscious in ability to go paperless
  • Transparency for all those involved in exam process
  • Addresses challenges associated with in-person exams
  • Eliminates risk of human error when grading
  • Increased monitoring, governance and control
  • Security before, during and after exam
  • Time associated with exam process reduced by up to 75%
  • Paperless storage for answer scripts
  • Analytics to evaluate student’s performance
  • Answer script evaluation complete within 1-2 weeks
  • Reassessment possible with no additional time or cost

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