Leverage practical threat intelligence to generate quick and coordinated actions that enhance the security of your environment, mitigate advanced threats, and inform risk controls. With Orion’s Cyber Fusion Center (CFC) Services, you can experience the advantage of a centralized, collaborative, and dedicated security center. Our experts deliver precise risk assessment and mitigation, helping you address vulnerabilities and achieve your cyber defense vision.

Your Frontline Against Cyber Threats
Cyber Threat Intelligence

Gain informed insights for proactive defense, including requests for intelligence (RFI), intel-based analysis, and deep/dark web services.

Threat Detection & Engineering

Keep ahead of risks with agile hunting, anomaly detection, and IOC lifecycle management.

Incident Response

Handle security events quickly leveraging digital forensics, containment and remediation, incident analysis, onsite emergency response, and breach response.

Attack Surface Reduction

Minimize vulnerabilities with scanning and analysis, remediation and tracking, scenario deployment, and application testing validation.

Red Team

Test your environment with real-world attack simulations, penetration testing, wargaming, and on-demand malware analysis.

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Reporting and Engagement

Keep current and evolve security response with comprehensive reporting and active collaboration.

Cyber Fusion Center

A leading electronic component supplier with several mission-critical applications spread across different sites lacked proactive monitoring and disaster recovery plans.

Orion implemented a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) that provided 24/7 monitoring and support. This fortified infrastructure, reduced costs and ensured a smooth and uninterrupted service experience.

Reduced TCO
Reduced Downtime
Devices Assessed
Servers Fortified
Cyber Fusion Center Accelerator
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