Orion’s ReALM® is a cloud-based platform that transforms the regulatory value chain in the Life Sciences industry. Key modules support the streamlining of upstream activities, such as regulatory strategy and submissions planning, and downstream activities, such as registration tracking and health authority interactions, including the ability to integrate with other enterprise or cloud applications. The ReALM® platform is:

  • Powered by Microsoft technologies on Windows Azure
  • Flexible, configurable and easily deployed to address client-specific needs
  • A cloud-first RIM application designed for easy scale up

ReALM® comes with four key modules:

  1. ReALM® Regulatory Intelligence to streamline management of actionable regulatory intelligence.
  2. ReALM® Submissions Planning solution that enables country level and dossier table of content planning.
  3. ReALM® Registrations to streamline product registration, site registration and pre-registration management.
  4. ReALM® Interactions to capture and manage queries, correspondence and commitments with health authorities worldwide.

ReALM® Benefits

  1. Enables quick onboarding, configuration and deployment.
  2. Increases efficiencies, and reduces cycle time and rework.
  3. Integrated global RIM process.
  4. Maintain data quality and compliance.

Watch the video of Regulatory Intelligence & Submissions Planning modules

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