Cloud & Infrastructure

Delivering end-to-end cloud transformation services

Orion Cloud Transformation Services accelerate innovation with cloud platforms and technologies including hybrid cloud infrastructure, cloud-native, security, data and analytics, AI, machine learning, IoT and blockchain services.

“The goal is to enable cloud to drive digital transformation, growth, optimization, flexibility, scalability, and an elevated experience–all the while reducing risk.”
Sandeep Chellingi
Cloud & Infrastructure Services Leader
The Roadmap
Orion Cloud Foundation Services methodology and approach are designed to set up and unlock the benefits of the cloud, and put forth the right strategy that meets your business objectives.
Cloud Strategy
Plan and map the digital transformation of your enterprise.
Cloud Migration
De-risk and hyper-scale your migration with our migration factory approach.
Cloud Governance & Optimization Services
Gain visibility and optimize financial operations in the cloud.
The Evolution
Our Cloud Transformation Services act as a catalyst to drive digital transformation and speed of change, allowing enterprises to reimagine, build and deploy business transformation products, meeting compliance standards.
Cloud Native Services
Modernize next-generation enterprise platforms and build cloud-first and native platforms to harness the power of the cloud.
Cloud DevOps
Unlock the benefits of cloud DevOps and choose the cloud automation that brings products to market quicker and meets SLA’s.
Cloud Security
Unlock the benefits of cloud DevOps with the right cloud automation.
The Progression
We focus on continuous identification of improvement opportunities, proactive monitoring for operating effectiveness, optimization, and modernization.
Cloud Operations & Managed Services
Achieve improved, predictable and repeatable outcomes on cloud services through our cloud-managed operations.
Multi-Cloud Services
Monitor, manage, automate and broker infrastructure and applications to hyper-scale enterprise services across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud solutions.
“Orion’s cloud cost optimization team has done a great job in realizing cloud cost savings — identifying resources wastage, right-scaling and optimizing architecture opportunities. On this journey they have established governance policies to enforce best practices to build a sustainable cloud.”
Cloud Hosting Services Head
Big 4 Professional Services
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