We help enterprises get there and stay there. Orion’s cloud governance and cost optimization framework provides a governance model, a set of policies and technology integrations to improve an organization’s ROI on the cloud. This holistic and well-defined approach allows enterprises to gain visibility and optimize financial operations for public cloud services.

Modern cloud service management
Cloud Management Platform

Focusing on driving successful adoption of the cloud journey, identifying further improvement opportunities, periodic auditing to assess the maturity of the services, monitoring operating effectiveness and ongoing modernization efforts to build a sustainable cloud.

Cloud Framework Architecture

Ensuring well-architected cloud framework and remediation deliver governance, operational excellence, security standards, cost optimization, reliability, performance efficiency and sustainability with automated assessments.

Cloud Cost Optimization Services

Adopting and enforcing best practices, leveraging accelerators, policies and technology integration to improve your organization’s cloud practice, including governance and compliance.

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Discovery Assessment Services

Discovering unutilized and orphaned resources, including assessment of the maturity of the cloud governance model, a tools-based resource utilization pattern and evaluation of workload fitment on the right sourcing models, powered by industry-leading tools and frameworks.

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Design & Rationalization Services

Defining strategy for a mature governance model and impact department, application and environment chargebacks; establishing scheduling mechanisms, as well as reserved instance and other discounting mechanisms, and resource sizing based on usage pattern.

Execute & Enhancement Services

Implementing recommendations, setting up workflows to mitigate non-compliance and alerts for stakeholders, creating sustainable policies and blueprints to gathering data and evolution.

Cloud FinOps
Unused Assets Decommissioning

Identify and decommission unused or orphaned resources and enforce accountability.

Cloud Governance Strategy

Adopt provider-supplied governance offerings to effectively manage resources, including resource tagging.

Enabling Automation

Adopt automated runbooks to monitor and act on workloads.

Optimized Use of PaaS Resources

Optimize and maximize PaaS resources.

Right Size & Right Fit

Leverage storage cost benefits, enforce backup retention policies and usage of a low-cost storage medium.


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Our client uses Microsoft Azure Platform as its cloud hosting platform and has heavily invested in its IaaS and PaaS offerings; they were being billed upwards of $12M, increasing cloud costs due to unoptimized cloud resources, usage and orphaned resources.

Solution & Technologies
We started with review and implementation of management groups, followed by Azure policies around tagging and other best practices, including right-sizing resources, leveraging discounted pricing, decommissioning unused resources and moving snapshots from premium to standard disks; implementation of auto-scaling across applications, setting up of DevOps pipeline, backup strategy, spot solutions, automation runbooks and custom-tailored solutions for client needs. Azure Policies were implemented for sustained cost benefits, reducing billing by 30%. Monitoring and alerting were leveraged to avoid cost leakage. SOPs were set for future changes to the cloud environment, such as a decommissioning process.

Annual savings
Compute savings
Storage savings
License savings
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