Rapid prototyping of digital components for vehicles.

Orion works with suppliers of components to the automotive industry and automotive manufacturers, providing software engineering. We address customer needs to develop software using both the V-model (A-SPICE) approach and Agile methodology.

We enable our clients to develop their ideas and create digital products through rapid prototyping. Then, we proceed to creating the final product by employing a step-by-step process.

Orion’s capabilities in developing products for the automotive industry include:

In-Vehicle Infotainment:

As autonomous driving evolves, vehicles have become a center of entertainment, offering a great variety of services to both the driver and passengers. Our proficient knowledge in embedded systems and solutions helps customers in developing head units and rear seat infotainment, including smartphone integration, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay.

Instrument Cluster:

Electronic instrument clusters are already a reality for all types of vehicles. Accomplished projects on Linux and real-time operating systems, as well as hands-on experience with hypervisors and understanding of the automotive domain specifics, allow our customers to develop their instrument clusters and head-up displays.

Fleet Management & Public Transportation:

Telematics is one of the areas integrating the automotive industry and computer systems. With extensive experience in real-time vehicle location and maintenance tracking, fleet monitoring solutions, usage-based insurance, ELD, driver/passenger safety, etc., we offer complete, end-to-end development of complex telematics solutions. With the power of AI and ML, we’re capable of analyzing the data collected from vehicles, thus further increasing the business value of the product.

DVR & Tracking Devices:

We have many years of experience developing different types of after-market devices, from DVR and tracking devices to ADAS-enabled devices. Due to our strong competence in embedded development, we can transform a concept of your after-market device into an MVP in less than 6 months. Depending on the customer, we can work as part of a bigger team or take the full responsibility over the product.

Our Automotive Competence
  • Embedded: 20+ years of experience in software development for several SoCs and OS’s (including Linux, QNX, Android, and Integrity) allow us to deliver high quality solutions.
  • Connectivity: We have 30+ years of experience in the telecoms area, developing for 2G-5G networks, and we have automotive expertise with CAN/LIN/OABR, WiFi and BT, so our team can develop both in-vehicle and V2X solutions.
  • Cloud: We have experience in developing on-premise IaaS-, PaaS-, SaaS/FaaS-based solutions for different customers. Our DevOps engineers help with product deployment for the Cloud or establishing CI/CD environments to speed up development and increase the quality of our software products.
  • AUTOSAR: Experienced in multiple AUTOSAR stacks (Vector, KPIT, etc.), we can develop ECU from scratch or porting from legacy to the AUTOSAR architecture.

We provide business solutions rooted in Digital Strategy, Experience Design, and Engineering, delivering game-changing business transformations and digital products for the automotive industry.

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