The landscape for video service providers and the media industry has changed dramatically over recent years, from delivering live video channels, to adding video on demand, to today’s world of watching what you want, when you want, on the device you want, whether it be a TV, tablet or mobile device. 

Orion has been providing engineering solutions to transform video services from legacy delivery models to next gen platforms and offer end users a faster and convenient multi-device user experience. As video technology continues to mature and evolve, Orion’s platform is the bridge connecting the video service providers’ systems to the future.

IP Video Transformation: Migrate, Transform and Future-Proof

With no end in sight to the popularity of internet protocol (IP) delivered over-the-top (OTT) video services, such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube, many operators are migrating to a managed IP video service to remain competitive. Android TV, for example, offers a fully IP-delivered video service with pre-certified OTT apps.

As an operator begins the journey from legacy video to IP video services, Orion’s unique, cloud and device software, Orion Matrix and Orion Stack, enables a smooth migration of its back-office systems. Orion allows the legacy and the new platform to run in parallel while the migration is orchestrated region by region or down to the subscriber level, with no customer disruption.

As video technology continues to mature and evolve, Orion’s platform is the bridge connecting the video service providers’ systems to the future.

Support multiple back-end systems

The cable landscape has seen its fair share of consolidation over the last decade with headline-grabbing news, such as Altice purchasing Cablevision and Suddenlink, Charter acquiring Time Warner Cable and BrightHouse, and AT&T acquiring DirecTV. With this trend of global consolidation across the industry, video service providers find themselves supporting multiple user interfaces and multiple set-top box hardware manufacturers, not to mention multiple back-office systems that operate monthly subscriber billing, content management systems, advertising serving, and viewership data.  Orion’s software is pre-integrated with over 100 back-office systems and can support unlimited combinations of these systems, removing the considerable capital expense of standardizing back-office systems and set-top boxes in the home, which future-proofs the system for years to come.

Unify the user experience nationwide

In the same vein, operators with multiple user interfaces and set-top box hardware from multiple manufacturers, can provide a unified look, feel and user experience to the entire combined footprint, regardless of the age, make or model of the set-top box in the home. Orion’s software and services allow global Tier 1 operators to unify the user experience across the operator’s expanded footprint.  

Extend and enhance the lifespan of legacy set-top boxes The capabilities of today’s next-generation set-top boxes far exceeds the early boxes. Legacy set-top boxes allowed channel changing from a grid of live TV choices and on-demand content. In contrast, today’s newer boxes are powerful machines with advanced features such as amazing graphic capabilities, user interfaces, content discovery, and OTT content choices.  As much as video service providers wish for all subscribers to experience the most advanced features, it is cost-prohibitive for operators to replace millions of legacy boxes in customers’ homes. Orion bridges the gap between legacy and next generation devices by bringing the advanced features to legacy boxes with Orion Matrix and Orion Stack

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