Orion AaRMOR (AI, Analytics & RPA Driven Managed Operations & Reporting Engine) has been designed to monitor, manage and automate all infrastructure and application elements in the enterprise environment. It combines AI, Machine Learning and digital operations to deliver proactive, agile and actionable insight-driven operations in enterprise IT. 

It is a modular platform consisting of 45+ micro-services, APIs and programmable SDN fabrics that enable a plethora of integrations, features, functionalities and dashboards under a single pane view of the entire technology landscape.


  • XaaS-enabled self service engine for born digital users
  • Business service with end-to-end unified visibility (business, applications, and infrastructure)
  • Built for business process flow analytics
  • Purpose-built heterogeneous integrations for service consumption
  • Single source of truth
  • Value stream driven model for IT as a Service (IAAS)
  • Pay per use, plug and play platform for AIOps, Enterprise Service Management and CloudFirst Ops
  • Automation first focus with human augmented operations

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