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Managing Large-scale Sports & Event Operations

The trend in the sports and entertainment industry has been towards sports league operations getting larger and more complex while media and entertainment companies invest heavily in global tours, new attractions and state-of-the-art theme parks. As sports, media and entertainment organizations scale their businesses in our new normal, they face increased risks managing bigger events and sprawling operations. Delivering quality live events and unique entertainment experiences remain top priorities for these well-known companies.

Robust operational systems are vital to mitigating evolving risks and protecting the reputation of any organization responsible for producing large scale events and entertainment experiences. Whether your organization is looking to improve credentialing, enhance fan or customer experiences or ensure complete integrity and compliance of a game, Orion’s technology platform scores big.

Two Decades of Experience Transforming Sports & Entertainment Businesses

Orion leverages two decades of global experience in sports, media and entertainment with rich technology expertise to provide companies with data-driven solutions for better managing their complex businesses on premise or in the cloud. We’ve transformed the operations of major sports and entertainment businesses, with business solutions rooted in digital strategy, experience design, and engineering.

Orion’s comprehensive Sports platform manages massive amounts of data and ensures consistency and accuracy securely across the organization. We manage personnel, game and venue rules, player registration, investigations, contracts and key business operations, like ticketing and credentialing. These workloads are secured in company-owned data centers, co-location facilities, and in the cloud (Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform).

Since 2002, our credentialing platform alone has issued over 100,000 passes for more than 1,700 global sports games. Our flexible digital platforms, data analytics, cloud and infrastructure and experience design expertise can help any sports, media and entertainment organization manage their operations more efficiently and improve the overall user experience.

Learn more about our Sports Operations Platform and Sports Case & Incident Management.

Video Streaming for Sports

With the pandemic and loss of revenue through spectators on the ground, the sports industry is looking to monetize their entertainment channels using unique experiences and new revenue channels. Orion has video engineering capabilities that can help the sports industry monetize their entertainment through video service providers. Learn more about our video engineering capabilities here.

Blockchain Technology in Sports

New technologies especially blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology (DLTs) are transforming the sports industry. It is paving way for new business models and revenue stream for sports organization. Orion is helping our sports clients enhance fan engagements and helping create new market by collectibles trading. Learn more about our blockchain capabilities here.

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“It’s technology [Orion’s Sports Operations Platform] that will shape the League’s future.​”
Rob Manfred
Major League Baseball
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