Today, educational institutions are no less complex than a corporate establishment. The institutions face challenges associated with budget, increasing demands for students and teachers, and administrative processes, ranging from finance to delivery, making even the most intrinsic tasks more complex and demanding.

The Next Gen ERP Solution

Orion’s comprehensive ERP Solution, CAREEVS (Campus Affiliation Registration Examination Enquiry & Verification System) is a cloud-based modular solution made specifically for education boards and universities. Using different modules and functionalities customized for your institution’s respective needs, the solution effectively orchestrates governance and automation across your business processes. Leveraging a user-friendly interface, it provides users with information to reduce IT infrastructure costs and ensures simultaneous adoption for multiple users, regardless of their location. 

CAREEVS offers powerful capabilities that enable your institution to maintain operational efficiency, increase productivity, modify existing processes, reduce paperwork, and adhere to compliance standards and government regulations. With such flexibility, you can then drive innovation across service delivery channels and improve education outcomes.

  • Streamline essential day-to-day administration tasks
  • Improve staff efficiency and service quality
  • Simplify management processes
  • Automate student registration and admission process
  • Manage student data efficiently
  • Streamline examination procedures
  • Evaluate answer scripts with 100% accuracy
  • Expedite and streamline exam results publication
  • Generate analytics reports and charts with BI functionality
  • Integrate with other business productivity applications
  • Easily manage compliance processes and audit control
  • Control budgets and gain better visibility of financials
  1. Affiliation Management
    Education institutions must familiarize themselves with their affiliated board or university, which can take up to several months due to document requirements and communications. With the Affilation Module, institutions can reduce the time needed for this process. The module covers management of staff, classroom assignments, preparing dining facilities and more.

    It also manages the processes required for sanctioning XI and XII classes for affiliated schools, post-graduate courses for affiliated colleges, introduction of new courses, and periodic updates of basic information related to the institution.
  2. Student Registration Management: Streamlined Enrollment
    Every year, education boards and universities receive thousands of paper-based applications for course registration. Manual application processing requires a significant amount of time and effort and often results in errors. Rectifying the errors is even more time consuming. The Student Registration Module streamlines and expedites the registration process, minimizes possibilities for error, decreases data entry efforts, and brings greater transparency and visibility into the registration workflow.
  3. Examinations Management
    Conducting examinations is a major responsibility of school education boards and universities and should be approached with due diligence. The Examination Module comprises of over 50 submodules that automate most of the back-office operations associated with exam administration. By connecting people, processes and systems, the solution aims to enhance the efficiency of processes, expedite results publication, ensure greater transparency and minimize malpractice possibilities.

    The module is robust, yet flexible enough to integrate seamlessly with third party/legacy systems and services. The system also delivers rich, data-intensive reports generated by Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solutions that provide deeper insight into the board or university’s performance.
  4. Verification & Inquiry Management
    School boards and universities receive requests from organizations to verify certificates that prospective employees submit to them. Staff must dig through archives to verify or make copies of relevant documents and satisfy these requests, sometimes having to update database records as well.

    With this module, organizations can track the status of online applications, and individuals can access university websites, request multiple certificates, and submit online applications to modify their requests if needed.
  5. Receipt & Dispatch Module
    Receipt and Dispatch modules in CAREEVS track all incoming and outgoing mail and emails. The module generates reports for users, and each user has a customized user ID and dashboard based on their role in the organization.

    Incoming letters are assigned to appropriate addressees. Details of an incoming letter are fed into the system and can be tracked from different user platforms as necessary. The system also has a provision to scan documents received as enclosures.

    For dispatches, letters and package are weighed before stamps are attached. Details of the letter or package are then fed into the system, and a dispatch clerk enters further details, such as Dispatch ID, Tracking ID, Serial Number, and Dispatch Date.
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  8. Verification, Correction, Duplicate & Inquiry (VCDI)
    The VCDI module is a one-stop solution for managing verification, corrections, duplicate documents and transcripts for alumni. Within the portal, the module digitally captures and archives certificates and answer sheets so they can be retrieved as necessary.