My Orion Women’s Network, (MyOWN) is helping build gender diversity within Orion and supports women as they advance their careers into leadership positions. In 2019, a handful of senior women executives established My Orion Women’s Network (MyOWN) with the aim of inspiring and building the confidence of Orion’s women employees.

We host interactive global webinars and events with speakers on key topics, open to all. The network and our activities can be leveraged by anyone who is looking for inspiration to grow and develop and to get better connected internally hence the acronym – MyOWN!

MyOWN is committed to engaging with our global network of women, providing opportunities for growth, development, mentorship and inspiration. We come together periodically to brainstorm about topics and activities that may inspire confidence to this community.  MyOWN is not an exclusive group, this is an inclusive group and all ideas are welcome.

Recent activities include:

Working in Tech at Orion – Women’s Perspectives from Around the Globe

My Orion Women’s Network (MyOWN) hosted an interactive 45-minute webinar, featuring some of Orion’s women leaders from around the world – from India, Serbia, Türkiye, USA, and Mexico.

Watch highlights of the discussion here.

Guest speakers:

  1. Olivera Vinic, Serbia
  2. Dilek Aydin Gokce, Türkiye
  3. Particia Palm-Principe, USA
  4. Mariia Bykova, relocated from Russia to Serbia
  5. Betsabé Álvarez Becerril, Mexico
  6. Savitha Purushothaman, India

We asked these women what it’s like to be a women in tech in their countries, what inspires them, what advice they would give other women, and the secret to their success, amongst other topics.

Fireside Chat – Building Your Career

MyOWN hosted a global webinar on Building Your Career. It included a fireside chat with guest speaker, Mark Herschberg, MIT instructor and award-winning author of The Career Toolkit book and app. The interactive session was open to all our employees and highlighted how to further build your career during this new normal. Watch the webinar here.

Reboot with Orion – program to encourage women to recommence tech careers

In 2021, Orion launched the Reboot with Orion program, piloting it in India. The program focuses on people who have had a career break, primarily women who stopped their careers to raise families. Orion has given them an opportunity to return to their careers, provides them guidance and dedicated mentors, as well as technology and soft skills training to help ensure their success. 

Reboot with Orion: our new recruits

We interviewed some of our “Reboot with Orion” recruits to hear about their journey from motherhood back to their career in technology – watch the video.

Orion Celebrates our Women

Orion pauses to celebrate our women on International Women’s Day each year and throughout International Women’s Month – watch our most recent video. Our women leaders from around the world have shared stories about their success, the importance of mentorship, who inspires them, and provided words of advice to other women in tech. Get to know the women leaders of Orion here

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