The client is a top global pharmaceutical company.


The client’s women’s healthcare division was facing a decline in revenues for its specialty products such as IUDs (Intrauterine devices) due to outdated and fragmented pharmacy prescription fulfillment workflow.

The client was losing specialty Pharmacy IUD scripts when patients could not be reached by the pharmacy, resulting in loss of revenues. The existing specialty form was handwritten and did not capture customer information, which provided a sub-optimal customer experience for the client and its customers – physicians, patients, and specialty pharmacies. Lack of basic reports and data analysis made it impossible to track sales of the IUDs and monitor inventory giving limited visibility to review operational efficiencies.

The manual process was impacting

  • Client – missed sales opportunity resulting in loss of millions of revenues annually and no patient engagement.
  • Physician – lost revenues from missed IUD procedures resulting in dissatisfaction with the client.
  • Patient – either missed IUD procedure or switched to a competitor product resulting in loss of patient for the client.


Orion automated the client’s digital workflow solution for prescription and fulfillment of specialty products by physicians to patients. The client and its customers – physicians, pharmacies, and patients – can now track prescribed IUD units and engage digitally. The modern electronic platform has shortened prescription to procedure timelines and helped maintain good patient relationships.

With the digital solution, physicians complete forms in the application where some fields are pre-populated. Physicians then send prescriptions directly to specialty pharmacies, who can quickly confirm receipt. Automated email and text alerts are provided for physicians once scripts have been fulfilled.


Our client’s customers, i.e. Physicians, now have complete visibility into patients filling prescriptions. The new automated system has streamlined the process and reduced time from initial script to fulfillment benefiting the patients. The reduced number of abandoned prescriptions has positively impacted the overall IUD sales for the client.


  • Improved Reputation of the client throughout the network of physicians
  • Enhanced Customer Experience by digitizing the process and reducing time to fulfillment
  • Increased Revenue due to reduced number of abandoned or missing prescriptions
  • Better Morale for sales personnel accustomed to dealing with aggravated physicians
  • Digitization of the workflow enables new reporting and analytics capabilities
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