Orion Innovation has quadrupled in size and revenue in less than five years, under the leadership of CEO Raj Patil. After successfully executing an organic growth strategy fueled by aggressive M&A combinations, we now have a global footprint of over 4,750 associates.

On March 24 at 6pm EST, join CEO Raj Patil and former CEOs V. “Bala” Balasubramanian and Guy DelGrande for the Special Interest Group of Tech CEOs Fireside Session on Zoom webinar. The session will be moderated by Charter member Anjan Lahiri. He is the founder and CEO of Navikenz Inc.

Raj will share insights into a successful growth strategy and explain how we have emerged as a leader in the new breed of digital transformation players. Former Cabeus and Tekmark CEOs Bala and Guy will also share insights into pre- and post-acquisition activities and their contributions to the growth of an integrated platform.

The program will be valuable for those who want to be acquired and those who are looking to increase scale. Some of the areas we will cover include:

Learn how a chance encounter with Raj and Bala at a TiE event in 2018 led to the Cabeus acquisition, how we came to acquire Cabeus and Tekmark and more insights on growth and integration. Our speakers will cover:

  • Role of relationship building and networking in M&A
  • Story of how Bala met Raj Patil at another TiE NJ Event in 2018
  • Identifying opportunities and crafting M&A as a Strategy
  • How M&A yields value for both the parties involved
  • How to structure your company so that you are ready to be acquired when opportunity knocks
  • Corporate branding and marketing considerations
  • Challenges to look out for post a transaction


Raj Patil
Orion Innovation

Guy DelGrande
Chief Sales Officer
Orion Innovation

V. “Bala” Balasubramanian
Senior VP – Life Sciences
Orion Innovation

Karolina Kocalevski
Head of Marketing
Orion Innovation

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