The payments industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by digital innovation, changing customer expectations, and regulatory developments. From shifting mindsets about payments as a revenue channel to embracing new business models and harnessing the power of emerging technologies, banks and financial institutions are confronted with both opportunities and hurdles.

We brought together a global panel of industry experts, who will discuss how the payments experience is evolving, and share real world experiences about strategies to modernize and optimize payment processes. Our one hour webinar covered:

  • the changing payments landscape
  • re-imagining payments as a revenue channel rather than a cost center
  • greenfield opportunities within the payments ecosystem
  • the latest platforms, infrastructure, and technologies shaping the industry
  • insights on whether to buy or build through strategic partnerships
  • how to develop a technology road map to revolutionize the payments experience


Mike Vizcarrondo
Chief Product & Innovation Officer

Ronak Doshi

Partner, Technology and IT services, Financial Services
Everest Group

Jeffrey Piazza
Global Head of Experience Design
Orion Innovation

Suneepa Datta
Client Partner, Banking & Payments Specialist
Orion Innovation

Daniel Goodstein

Digital Enterprise Institute

Audience for this webinar: 

The following roles at mid-sized to large Banks and Payment processors:

  • CIOs in Treasury and Payment Services
  • Head of Payment Channels
  • Head of Digital Transformation

Watch on demand webinar to gain valuable knowledge from industry experts and engage in thought-provoking discussions.

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