Hiking, Craft Beer & Outdoor Fun During the Pandemic

Orion Gets Outdoors for Earth Day 2021. See photos from our employees here.

Hike the Empire State Trail with a Digital Map

The Empire State Trail, a 750-mile trail for bicyclists and hikers to explore New York’s extraordinary places, people, and experiences, is now complete, and Orion has been recognized for our work on the trail’s website. The website includes an interactive digital map for users to explore different areas and attractions along the trail, and our work was featured in Time Out New York.

Work on the trail began in January 2017. The plan was to expand the 400 miles of Empire State Trail into 750 miles end-to-end, spanning the state from New York City to Canada and from Albany to Buffalo. It was designed to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians.

Fun Facts About the Empire State Trail

  • There are 200 breweries within 10 miles of the trail.
  • It is the longest multi-use state trail in the nation.
  • It follows the length of New York’s canal system.
  • It allows for hiking, biking, kayaking and other recreational activities.

Responsive Website & Interactive Digital Map

New York State partnered with Orion Innovation’s Experience Design Team to create a super interactive, engaging, and visual website that allows users to swiftly prepare for their journey. The intuitive user experience promotes the Empire State Trail as a world-class destination for New York residents and visitors.

In October 2020, during the pandemic, New York State launched the new expanded Empire State Trail with the website EmpireTrail.NY.gov, featuring the interactive digital map. The map includes segment descriptions (paved and stone dust off-road trails, on-road sections, etc.) and information about access points, trail distances, parking areas, restrooms, and nearby amenities and activities.

The website’s responsive design is user-friendly for desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices and includes interactive maps that allow users to zoom in to their specific location of interest and the ability to download and print maps of trail segments. Cyclists are able to print “cue sheets” with highly detailed directions for following a selected trail segment. The site also features information about the variety of activities and destinations on or near the trail such as campgrounds, parks, historic sites, and popular stops among the local communities. Read New York State’s press release here.

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