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Cyber security and data protection is a major corporate imperative at enterprises today. A new technology that has emerged, Keyavi Self-Protecting Data platform, is a data-centric approach and game-changing technology that can close security gaps to protect what really matters: data itself. 

The Keyavi Self-Protecting Data platform is a RESTful API web service that infuses security directly into your documents. This allows for Keyavi-protected documents to safely travel inside or outside your network, and to be securely shared with your partners, suppliers and customers. With Keyavi, your documents are always secure and always under your control, on-premise, on a device or in the Cloud.



Keyavi protects data with a multi-layered AES 256-bit encryption that is enhanced with micro-policies, security controls and near real-time reporting.

A Keyavi-protected document utilizes rolebased access to determine who is authorized to access a file, and it uses policies to control when, where and under what conditions the file is allowed to be opened.

Are you concerned about sensitive documents being shared outside of your offices? Keyavi geo-location can be used to ensure that sensitive files can only be opened in approved locations.


Keyavi-protected documents are enabled with near real-time forensics. Every time a file is opened, a series of events are reported in the Administrative Dashboard of the Keyavi Service Node (defined below).

  • The forensics gathered include:
  • who accessed the document
  • when the document was accessed
  • where the document was accessed
  • what device the document was accessed on

The Keyavi desktop agent can collect over 50 data elements.


Keyavi’s most innovative feature is continuous control. Are you concerned that a confidential document could be intentionally shared via email or accidently uploaded to cloud storage? Not a problem – with Keyavi, you can quickly and easily revoke access to the document. Was a user’s laptop or mobile phone stolen? No worries, with Keyavi you can permanently suspend access to Keyavi protected documents on the lost or stolen device. Data protected with Keyavi is always under your control, with policies for both online and offline access.

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