On July 15, our team spoke during the first virtual All Members Meeting Summit, hosted by the Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) at the Linux Foundation.

For many, connecting everything to the cloud is already a reality, and vehicles are no exception. With more and more vehicles requiring cloud connectivity, our engineers started developing Vehicle-to-Cloud (V2C) connectivity in the AGL platform. During their AGL session, speakers Dmitry Oshmarin and Mikhail Zaytsev discussed the connectors to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions within the AGL platform, presented various use cases with vehicle tracking and OTA upgrades, and hosted a ten-minute Q&A session afterwards.

Watch the replay of Orion’s session, Enabling V2C Scenarios in AGL, below.

About the AGL All Members Meeting Summit 2020

Due to COVID-19, the AGL hosted its first virtual All Members Meeting Summit 2020 instead of the one initially planned in Berlin. Learn more about the AGL All Member Summer 2020 Virtual Meeting here.

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