In today’s globalized world, businesses have customers and suppliers that are spread across the globe, accessing digital platforms, conducting transactions and updating information in real-time.

A shift in user expectations and behavior, aggressive competition and innovations in the market show that consumers are no longer satisfied with slow-performing legacy platforms.

End-users have come to expect instant gratification from snappy B2C and B2B platforms that respond to user interactions with close to zero latency. Latency creates poor brand experiences, drives user dropouts and loss of customers.

Businesses need to always be available, have the ability to scale, provide instant access and store information across global locations with close to zero latency. This universal speed expectation has become table stakes.

Welcome Azure Cosmos DB to the game! Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft’s globally distributed, multi-model database service. Consider the business use cases it enables, and its value proposition in the customer environment.

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