As part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we are hosting a global webinar on women’s health that’s available to all Orion employees and their families on Monday, March 8 at 5-6pm EST.

We acknowledge the contributions of all our women colleagues and take this opportunity to focus on health and wellness. Remember to also look for the spotlights of our women in technology on the Orion home pageeach day throughout March.

The webinar will be hosted with Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC as the first installment of this year’s health information sessions.

Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC provides health screening and lifestyle education programs through its team of health professionals to individuals through employers and community organizations.

Topic: How to increase balance, health, and happiness with mindfulness and nutrition

Date: Monday, March 8 at 5-6pm EST

Kristen Hamilton

The webinar will cover/include: 

  • Key areas of women’s health with a focus on hormonal imbalances and their effects on chronic and acute disease 
  • What can be done to prevent and manage such imbalances
  • A private Q&A for any health-related questions you might have

Who can join:

Anyone from Orion, and their families and friends, are welcome to join. Please note we have a limit of 500 live attendees. A replay of the webinar will also be available on-demand for those who are unable to attend.


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