The problem of data silos, which are data sources that are unable to easily share data from one to the other, has plagued the IT landscape for many years, and continues to do so today, despite the advents of broadband Internet, gigabit networking, and cloud-based storage.e-book-the_roles_of_etl_esb

The problem with data siloes is that no one can run a query across them; they must be queried separately, and the separate results need to be added together manually, which is costly, time-consuming, and inefficient. To bring the data together, companies use one or more of the following data integration strategies:

  • Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) Processes
  • Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs)
  • Data virtualization

This E-book compares the roles of ETL, ESB and data virtualization in turn when applied in different scenarios, highlighting the pros and cons of each process as well as featured case studies from Logitech and Digital Realty.

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