A multi-dimensional approach to cybersecurity 

Holistic and Unified  

As cyber threats, business demands, and emerging technologies evolve, companies recognize the importance of proactive approaches, and Orion collaborates strategically with leadership and all stakeholders – including IT, security, legal, and business teams – to strengthen security across all phases.  

Flexible and Efficient  

By leveraging our comprehensive consulting and managed services, Orion helps clients take transformative actions. Our dynamic ‘as-a-service’ model allows us to reshape our client’s organizational cyber culture, enabling clients to effectively tackle the growing complexity of threats they face.  

“Cyber transformation is a fundamental shift towards holistic and adaptive cybersecurity, driven by evolving threats and technologies and requiring commitment including collaboration from all organizational levels.”
Fawad Khan
Cybersecurity Center of Innovation
Cyber Strategic Consulting
Establish your organization’s vision and define success metrics, leading to a roadmap for implementing strategy. Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, working with your team to design an operating model for your company’s secure future.
Strategy and Planning
Define the vision for transformation and measures of success, including near- and long-term tactical and strategic roadmaps.
Risk Management
Systematically identify, assess, prioritize and implement strategies to mitigate potential threats, and continuously monitor the strategies’ effectiveness.
Program Assessment
Evaluate your organization’s security posture comprehensively, determine risk exposure and receive actionable recommendations to enhance security and strengthen cyber resilience.
Cyber Defense
Develop strategies and measures to prevent, detect and respond to security issues. We combine technical, operational and organizational controls for a holistic approach.
Security Architecture & Engineering
Implement multiple layers of security controls with service offerings such as Zero Trust Architecture, Application Security, Network Security and Identity and Access Management.
Cyber Threat Hunting
Utilize our proactive and hypothesis-based approach to find Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) that fall below the alert threshold of traditional security controls.
Attack Surface Reduction
Minimize attack points and vulnerabilities in an organization’s IT infrastructure, systems and applications through analysis and remediation strategies that reduces entry points and the overall attack surface.
Cyber Readiness and Response
Identify vulnerabilities in your organization’s defenses before they can be exploited. Orion’s team will craft comprehensive response plans to address potential incidents.
Incident Response
Continuously monitor networks, systems and applications to quickly identify and mitigate security incidents and threats. We take immediate action to contain and remediate attacks to minimize impact and safeguard your assets and reputation.
Red Team
Test the effectiveness of defensive and detection tools, people and processes by rigorously challenging systems and assumptions.
Breach Readiness
Prepare level-of-preparedness and ability to defend against potential sophisticated cyber attacks by evaluating effective security controls and conducting wargaming exercises.
Managed Threat Services
Enhance your organization’s security with our Managed Threat Services, offering proactive threat detection and response. Benefit from a comprehensive suite of services, including threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, and security consulting, to protect against advanced cyber attacks.
Managed Detection and Response
Use advanced threat intelligence, machine learning and security analytics for security monitoring and response.
Compromise Assessment
Detect signs of compromise, such as anomalous behavior and indicators of compromise (IOC) by analyzing security controls, logs and other relevant data.
24×7 Threat Detection
Get continuous protection for your critical business data and IT infrastructure by leveraging advanced Threat Intelligence, Real-Time Monitoring and enhanced incident response capabilities.
Managed Network Services
Maintain the highest levels of security with custom, scalable and cost-effective answers to your managed services needs. Our comprehensive suite of solutions includes Managed Firewall, Managed PCI Compliance, and Managed Wi-Fi, offering custom, scalable and cost-effective answers to your managed services needs.
Managed Firewall
Keep your network secure with highly available, secure computing environments and firewall management. Orion’s certified security experts provide 24x7x365 proactive administration of your firewall infrastructure to protect your network against malware, viruses, hackers and intrusion risks.
Managed PCI
Don’t roll the dice with PCI compliance. Orion helps protect your business, your customers and your brand by combining our managed firewall service with PCI scanning, Windows patch management, SAQ consulting and breach protection.
Managed Wi-Fi
Manage your Wi-Fi systems with turnkey guest services, available for large and small enterprises. We offer best-in-class service and technology for fast, easy and cost-efficient solutions. Services include site survey and installation, configuration optimization, monitoring and alerting, captive portal, marketing options, and analytics.
Cyber Fusion Center
Protect your organization from cyber threats and ensure a resilient cybersecurity posture with our Cyber Fusion Center — a centralized, collaborative and dedicated suite of services that delivers a unified approach for prevention, detection, analysis and response to security issues. The CFC enhances operational efficiency by using intelligence-driven processes, reducing response times through contextualization of incidents. Contact us for more information.
Cyber Threat Intelligence
Informed insights for proactive defense.
Threat Detection & Engineering
Agile hunting, anomaly detection and more.
Incident Response
Quick and effective incident handling.
Attack Surface Reduction
Minimize vulnerabilities, enhance security.
Red Teaming
Real-world attack simulations, rigorous testing.
Reporting & Engagement
Comprehensive reporting and active collaboration.
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