Mimi Young

EVP – Experience Design, Orion Behavior Design Studios

Location: New York, NY

“In any role, confidence, determination, and true depth of knowledge are all important qualities for women, but especially in technology.”  

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Karolina Kocalevski

Head of Marketing

Location: New York, NY

“The biggest piece of advice I’d give to women in technology roles, and in any role, is to be visible. Get out of the shadows. To be heard, you need to speak, and to be noticed, you need to proudly share your accomplishments. Do not leave any meeting without speaking up and adding value. If speaking up is not your comfort zone, then dig deep and push yourself, until it becomes second nature – because it will get easier.”

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Milena Matovic

Project Manager

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

“My favorite thing about Orion is the fact that we’re providing equal opportunities and adequate support to anyone who shows willingness to learn and to grow.”

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Sujata Garud

Director – Marketing

Location: Mumbai, India

“I would certainly recommend women to become mentors to other women. Help, guide, and let young minds explore and benefit from your experience.”

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