Too many enterprise applications are fragmented and cumbersome, leaving users lost and frustrated. Designing a unified user experience requires building an intuitive system that’s built on visual consistency and injecting predictability across tasks and behaviors, ultimately resulting in improved efficiency and engagement with customers and system users.

We will discuss how identifying key user needs and mental models can help anticipate your audience’s next move, and how to leverage a behavioral design system to create happy and productive users. Join us for a free 30 minute live stream where we’ll explore:

  • Challenges with creating a unified user experience
  • Why design thinking matters
  • Using a strategic ‘bottom up approach” for understanding your audience
  • Success stories
  • Live Q&A

Our award-winning speakers bring their seasoned expertise in simplifying user experiences across digital platforms and will share success stories and lessons learned.


Mimi Young
EVP Orion Behavior
Design Studios
Orion Innovation

Jeff Piazza
SVP Experience Design
Orion Innovation

Anika Sharma (Moderator)
Director, Client Services
Orion Innovation


  • CMOs
  • Chief Product Officers/ Heads of Product & Engineering
  • CIOs
  • CTOs and their support teams

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