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Orion’s strategic overhaul enabled a global electronic manufacturing giant to overcome brand integration challenges, yielding a 3% increase in website visits, a 0.5% QoQ sales rise, and enhanced brand image. This success highlights Orion’s pivotal role in achieving operational excellence and sustained revenue growth. 

Our client, a prominent global electronic manufacturing giant, is a trailblazer in the industry. Renowned for delivering high-quality electronic components and solutions, they specialize in connectors, cables, antennas, and fiber optics.  

This case study explores how this client strategically navigated business and technology challenges arising from the integration of 13 brands. The goal was to achieve business process improvements, marketing benefits, technology transformation and operational excellence that will enhance brand visibility, improve sales, and boost revenues. 


The client was faced with multifaceted challenges across its business, marketing, and technology operations. 


  • Inefficient and disjointed processes across different groups within the organization led to inefficiencies and a lack of cohesion. 
  • A noticeable decline in revenue growth raised concerns. 
  • Internal competition stemmed from the presence of competing products within the company.  


  • Significant SEO challenges have caused the organization’s once top-ranked brand to plummet to the 25th position within six months. 
  • Presence of multiple brands led to a fragmented image, lacking clarity and resonance with target audiences, ultimately hindering marketing effectiveness.     


  • Disparate systems and multiple instances of the same product impeded operational efficiency and collaborative synergy. 
  • Disconnected applications and infrastructure further worsened operational inefficiencies. 
  • Lack of analytics solutions prevented the organization from extracting valuable insights from its data, impeding informed decision-making.


To address these challenges, Orion initiated a strategic overhaul. A holistic approach involving collaboration among different departments – business owners, marketing and technology leadership, strategic planning, and the adoption of modern technologies was key to overcome the challenges and steer the organization towards growth and success. 

Product Management:
  • Establish a comprehensive infrastructure and application strategy for seamless operations. 
  • Introduced digital operations with integrated applications, infrastructure monitoring, and 24×7 information security monitoring and incident management for a secure operational framework.  
  • Transformation initiatives in their CRM, ERP and Marketing applications, with an end-to-end view. 
  • Implemented user-centric improvements for its e-commerce platforms. 
  • Optimized search, user journeys, and single-page checkout to drive revenue growth. 
  • Designed, built, and maintained modern e-commerce platforms to meet evolving market demands. 
  • Built and maintained a modern data warehouse for comprehensive data management. 
  • Implemented advanced analytics and reporting systems for informed decision-making. 
  • Implemented mobile-first design to attract new users and provide a seamless cross-platform shopping experience. 
  • Conducted in-depth competitor product data collection and analysis to facilitate key product decisions. 
  • Support new product launches by validating new product data and creating product datasheets for effective communication on the website. 
  • Conducted SEO audits for top portfolio brands to optimize online visibility. 
  • Implemented continuous SEO monitoring and maintenance efforts to improve search rankings, leading to increased website traffic, customer conversions, and revenue growth. 
  • Executed targeted social media marketing campaigns to streamline and reinforce brand messaging.


The implemented solutions resulted in a transformative impact on the electronic manufacturer’s operations and market presence, with notable outcomes including: 

  • Single pane of glass that senior management could see an impact of a technology issue on the exact business process. 
  • Consolidation of brands and refined product definitions improved the brand image, increasing time spent on the website. 
  • Marketing enhancements and SEO optimization led to a 3% increase in website visits and a 0.5% quarter-over-quarter rise in sales. 
  • Improved infrastructure and digital operations streamlined processes, reducing inefficiencies across different departments. 
  • Robust security measures reduced issue resolution time by 8%, predicting business process impacts. 
  • Application improvements, including mobile-first design and targeted campaigns, attracted new users, contributing to increased website traffic and sales. 

In summary, Orion’s approach not only addressed multifaceted challenges but also yielded specific outcomes, including increased website traffic, higher sales, enhanced brand image, improved decision-making, and strengthened security measures.