The company is a large Big 4 firm. The firm’s service lines are divided into audit, tax, and advisory, with industry-specific focus in each.


The company’s senior auditors often traveled to client sites, but they noticed increased productivity while working remotely. However, the existing version of their auditing application ran significantly slower when working remotely, due to the amount of data when connected to the team server. The application’s slow run time reduced the senior auditors’ ability to deliver in a timely, efficient manner, so the company searched for a solution.


Orion worked with the company to develop a powerful and intelligent mobile dashboard so that users could access information through their tablets and smartphones. The platform, built using Angular and HTML 5, and D3.Js displays information across audit engagements, content management systems and data warehouse applications. This way, senior auditors can access visuals, including graphs and pie charts, that enable them to interpret information throughout all phases of the auditing process.


  • Increased efficiency for senior auditors to access information from mobile devices
  • Information gathered from various platforms, all displayed within one app
  • Visual graphs and pie charts provide easy data interpretation for the auditors
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