Our highly customizable data collection service collects carefully selected data from an entire population of devices and uploads the data in any format. Health monitoring enhances the service with smart failure detection and proactive corrective business logic scripts.

Solutions for monetization, monitoring, analytics, and audience measurement
Increase Revenue with Advanced Advertising

Enabling real-time client-side ad insertion on a variety of devices with Orion Stack; connecting with the major ad decision engines and marketplaces supporting C3/C7, VaST, SCTE-130 and other industry standards with Orion Matrix.

Implement Operational Monitoring

Aligning all subsystems with a common data model, so collection, analytics, monitoring and reporting are easily segmented by subscriber, by device-class, by system/configuration and by region.

Unified View of the Subscriber

Leveraging our Emmy® Award-winning data collection solution to gather the most complete data from any device.

Audience Measurement

Define marketing needs, supported by data.

Device Analysis

Thoroughly analyze device capabilities and limitations.


Optimize data handling to avoid undermining device performance.

Data Strategy

Provide data collection recommendations.


Deliver required data consumption end points in preferred formats.


Tier 1 multi-service operator in North America
To stay competitive, our customer needed highly detailed and granulated usage data to be collected on millions of end-user devices for use on their analytics back-end and operations monitoring service.

Solution & Technologies
We developed a highly versatile data collection service that allowed the client to capture virtually any event and condition on the device and deliver a steady flow of data to the  back-ends. Our data collection service consists of a light client running on end-user devices and a highly performant server-side module that streamlines data upload.

Technology and Engineering Emmy® Award won for versatile data collection technology
Possible device events that can be collected, aggregated, delivered and have event handlers attached
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