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Orion Stack is hardware-agnostic, running on over 150 different hardware models spanning most major devices and chipsets across a variety network environments. In order to accommodate any UI across multiple hardware generations, the Stack provides HTML5, Canvas/JS and native Orion presentation engines. Major premium native apps and app stores run on it. The Stack is carrier-grade, reliably supporting tier 1 operator SLAs since its first day in production in 2003.

Reusable components, full customization and optimal time-to-market
Functionality Across Supported Devices

Ensuring base functionality, middleware services, GUI features, user facing services, provider supporting services and integrated third-party components across all supported devices.

Choice of Presentation Engines

Providing three distinctive presentation engines: Native, JavaScript/Canvas-based, and HTML5.

Transpiling the Source Code

Developing source code with highly optimized, in-house scripting language and transpiling (translating and compiling) to native code of the target hardware device.

Standard & Custom Apps

Offering a set of standard and value-added applications for a la carte selection and client-specific customizations.

Software Stack and Apps Built to Spec

Establish customer business goals and needs.

Single Code Base

Develop once, deploy everywhere.


Adapt, configure and modify stack and apps to conform to customer needs.


Support maintenance cycle, including 24/7 hotline.


Tier 1 multi-service operator in North America
Our client deployed about 30 end-user device models from different vendors and different generations, exercising different connectivity modes. The nature of their business required that all devices expose a nearly identical visual appearance and functionality with only a few minor differences.

Solution & Technologies
Orion Stack was used on all device models, thanks to its versatility and state-of-the-art performance optimization and resource utilization. Its modular design allowed for fast development of specific solutions with minimal effort and time. We also invested heavily in optimization, enabling Orion Stack to support end-user devices ranging from the latest cutting edge smartphone to a twenty year old set-top box.

Modular and reusable components are available for quick prototyping and definition of the customer-specific solution
<6 mo
Timeframe for a typical project
Distinctive applications and variants developed to customer specs
Minimum available memory for our highly optimized software stack with all apps running
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