Client Overview: The client is a leading accounting firm in the US.


The client needed an efficient way for its auditors to contribute to and access audit knowledge and content on strategic global audit initiatives at a global level. The client needed to solve the business problem of auditor engagement and solve for auditor queries in an efficient, time-sensitive and scalable manner.


The client needed to provide their auditors with self-service channels for access to business content, materials and audit knowledge that would also support global audit initiatives across the organization. Our team collaborated with the client to create a self-service support system for their auditors. We developed a self-service AI-powered speech chatbot that would engage with the users and guide them on critical initiatives. The AI-powered, self-service chatbot had the following benefits:

  • New, modern user experience for our client’s auditors/ end users.
  • Automated content authoring for business, allowing business self-service capability for business content update 
  • Leverage the API-sharing economy to focus on applied AI to leverage new channels
  • Enhanced operational efficiencies through self-service
  • Utilize a new, digital interaction channel of the future, positively impacting user engagement


Our client was able to provide its auditors with a state-of-the-art new digital solution with a modern user-experience and a positive impact in the engagement of its auditors. The chatbot created scalability of audit knowledge and business efficiencies. This was a first step to helpmove the firm into a digital future with an evolutionary technology architecture. This recognizable, powerful quick-win solution could be extended to other strategic initiatives across more use cases beyond flexibility through self-service content authoring.

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