Client Overview: The client is a Big 4 audit firm.


Our client, a Big 4 firm, had multiple point applications for providing Global Mobility services to their end clients, leading to a fragmented experience. Their solutions involved legacy processes and had an inconsistent, outdated user experience.


Orion developed an Integrated Global Mobility Platform for the client, providing an improved user experience for their processes for Client Services including Onboarding, Immigration, Travel Tracking, Organizers, Data Collection, and Preparation and Filing.

The platform provided the following capabilities:

  • Enhanced User Experience: User Experience Journey mapping to improve experience of consent services, hierarchy wise tax questions, overall look and feel of the platform and improved usability as per Experience Design best practices. 
  • Centralized management of Global Mobility process including data: One platform providing a seamless experience for all services required by any employee/assignee of the client for any global travel related to an assignment.
  • Capability of changing tax questions on the go: Providing the flexibility to the admins to configure Tax Organizer questions on the go. 
  • Virtual Assistant on the go: Voice enabled virtual assistant for any travel-related help on the go.
  • Global rewards & recognition: Captured in the system.
  • Configurable admin level permissions and access control: Administrative control over who can access what clients, projects, or reports as well as what rights they have to data and features. 
  • Third party integration: Providing any travel advisory assistance, etc.


The client’s user experience for assignees on global projects improved dramatically. With one single platform for Global Mobility services delivered across the world, the client was able to position their Global Mobility Platform as a marquee tool in the market.

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