Chennai, 08th March 2024: Orion Innovation (‘Orion’), one of the leading and trusted partners who inspires and accelerates digital innovation, proudly introduced their Women’s Day initiative where esteemed self-defense Trainer Hemanth Muraliganesh conducted a series of empowering sessions focusing on personal safety and self-defense on March 8th at their office. 

Acknowledging the growing necessity for female independence and confidence, Orion is proactively addressing this need by providing fundamental self-defense training to its women associates. This initiative aims to equip them with practical and effective self-defense techniques through hands-on demonstrations, enhancing their ability to react confidently in various situations. 

Speaking about the initiative, Arun Paul, Head of HR in India, said, “Corporates are instrumental in promoting women’s empowerment, and we aim to contribute by providing our women associates with essential situational awareness training. This initiative will enable them to respond effectively to potential threats. We are confident that this session will instill a sense of empowerment and courage in personal safety, in alignment with the spirit of Women’s Day. Furthermore, we have organized a series of supplementary activities aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of our female associates.”

The self-defense session was followed by a Q&A Session, providing an opportunity to address specific concerns or questions related to self-defense. Events like these instill confidence and a sense of strength that lasts a lifetime. 

Orion has long prioritized enhancing women’s empowerment within the workplace. A year ago, the company launched its inaugural initiative, the “Reboot with Orion” program, aimed at supporting and empowering new female employees returning to work after a career break. The Reboot Program focuses on two fundamental components: upskilling and mentoring.

Upskilling: This component entails a comprehensive 4-week training program designed to equip female technology professionals with the latest technical, domain, and process knowledge in their field. The objective is to enable them to swiftly acquire new skills, achieving proficiency at a rate ten times faster than new employees.

Mentoring: Within this component, participants in the Reboot program are paired with women leaders throughout Orion. These mentors offer ongoing guidance and support through regular meetings and one-on-one sessions, covering topics ranging from workplace dynamics to professional development and personal matters.

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