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From the very beginning, workplace diversity has been central to the Orion story. Orion was founded by a diverse group of IT professionals and is proud to promote diversity in every aspect of our business. Orion has been and remains a strong advocate for the inclusion of women in technology. Nationally, women make up about 47% of the total workforce, but only 28% of the workforce employed in computer occupations. Currently, women comprise 30% of our IT employees at Orion, which puts us just ahead of the curve. Naturally, talent is evenly spread across genders, so we know we are missing out on many of the qualities that women bring to the workplace, such as different problem-solving styles, managing multiple tasks and organizing.

Orion is actively working on increasing our gender diversity, and building confidence in our women employees so they can elevate themselves into leadership roles. We actively hold recruiting drives for women throughout the year to increase our gender diversity. We’ve established three programs intended to drive those goals forward: Orion Women’s Network, Orion Elevate Program and the Reboot With Orion program. 

Orion Women’s Network (MyOWN) supports women in their careers at Orion.  MyOWN was established with the aim of inspiring, supporting and building the confidence of Orion’s women employees. The group is committed to presenting interactive global webinars and networking opportunities open to all. The network and its activities can be accessed by anyone looking for inspiration to grow and develop and to get better connected internally, hence the acronym: MyOWN. 

Harjeet Bhatia, Associate Vice President, Client Services at Orion, is a member of MyOWN and explained how the group works. “We have a small working group of women who meet periodically to brainstorm about topics and activities that may inspire confidence in this community. This is not an exclusive group; this is an inclusive group. We encourage our members to be as proactive as they can. All ideas are welcome.”  

Orion Elevate program is designed to improve the lives and careers of all Orion employees by providing resources and guidance. The Orion Women’s Network (MyOwn) is part of this initiative. The program focuses on helping employees make career progress, make an impact at work, stay healthy and fit, plan for the future and maintain a healthy work/life balance. 

Reboot with Orion was launched in 2021 in India. The program focuses on people who have had a career break, primarily women who stopped their careers to raise families. Orion’s focus was to find the hidden talent in the market and return them to their careers. We recognized their support was critical to their success. The program included technical training to update their skills, guidance, dedicated mentors, and buddies to help ensure their success. 

We value the contributions of women in roles across our organization. The company is very focused on ensuring that women have opportunities to be elevated into leadership roles and provide support and flexibility. We celebrate our women employees and their contributions as leaders and innovators.  

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