1. Aim of the Policy

The Policy sets out the terms and conditions of processing of candidate personal data, which is carried out by the data controller MERA Lithuania UAB (hereinafter referred to as the Company) for the purposes of personnel selection.

Candidates seeking to join the Company’s team provide the Company with their personal data. During the selection process, the Company shall process the personal data of candidates in accordance with the procedure set forth in the Policy and shall ensure the security of said data.

2. Purpose of data processing

Candidate personal data shall be processed for the purpose (hereinafter referred to as the Purpose) of the Company’s personnel selection process. For this Purpose, the Company shall collect, analyse, store, and otherwise process the personal data of candidates in written and electronic form. The purpose of the processing of candidate personal data shall include:

  • determination of the candidate’s qualifications and competences and assessment of suitability;
  • identification of the candidate’s professional (work) experience and assessment of suitability;
  • identification of the candidate’s personal professional qualities and assessment of suitability;
  • formulation and submission of a proposal for a contract (for services/employment);
  • retention of candidate personal data and assessment of suitability for future selections.

3. Basis of data processing

The legal basis for the processing of candidate personal data for the stated Purpose is the candidate’s consent. The Candidate shall have the right to withdraw the given consent at any time by submitting a request in accordance with the procedure set forth in Paragraph 8 of the Policy.

4. Information on the data controller and recipients

MERA Lithuania UAB
Registration code: 304884859
Address of registered office: Lvovo St. 25-306,
LT-09320 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: +370 5 205-98-40
E-mail: [email protected]

Categories of recipients of candidate data:

  • the Company’s human resource management specialists and employees performing personnel management functions;
  • providers of IT services;

5. Personal data

Personal data submitted by candidates and processed by the Company:

  • forename and surname;
  • country of residence;
  • phone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • data on the qualifications, professional skills, education, professional (work) experience;
  • diplomas, certificates, written recommendations, and the data contained therein;
  • data on the previous/current employment (including details of the employer, a description of the duties and job functions);
  • the position the candidate is applying to;
  • correspondence and communication between the Company and the candidate;
  • other personal data provided voluntarily by the candidate (data provision shall not be mandatory, the candidate shall submit data at their own will).

The Company shall collect personal data directly from the candidates. After the candidate submits their application to participate in the personnel selection process, the Company may, to the extent necessary to attain the Purpose, check the candidate’s public profile on social media (such as LinkedIn) in order to clarify or check the information provided by the candidate or to gather additional information about said candidate; however, the Company shall not collect, download, or store the candidate’s data available on social networks.

6. Data processing timeframe

The Company shall process (retain) candidate personal data until the earliest of the following events:

  • a contract (for services/employment) is concluded with the candidate;
  • the selection process for the job ends;
  • the candidate withdraws their consent to the processing of their personal data.

The Company may process the candidate’s data for a longer period if the candidate has consented to the processing of their personal data for the purpose of assessing their suitability for future selections. In this case, the candidate’s data shall be retained/processed for the period of validity of the consent.

7. Data protection

The Company shall retain candidate personal data, ensuring its confidentiality, integrity, and limited availability. Confidentiality means that candidate personal data shall not be disclosed to persons who do not have the right to access such data. The Company shall ensure the confidentiality of candidate personal data and shall not pass it on to any third parties, unless specifically agreed with the candidate otherwise. Integrity means that candidate
personal data should be accurate, relevant, and appropriate for the purpose it is being processed for. Limited availability means that only authorised persons (users) shall have the right to access and process candidate personal data for legitimate and defined purposes.

The Company shall take the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect candidate personal data against unlawful processing and/loss. The Company shall install the appropriate hardware and software and shall apply the necessary security measures (including physical and electronic access control).

8. Rights of the data subject

The candidate shall be entitled to submit a request regarding the following:

  • being informed and having access to their personal data being processed by the Company;
  • rectification of the candidate’s personal data;
  • erasure of the candidate’s personal data;
  • restriction of the processing of the candidate’s personal data;
  • presentation of the candidate’s personal data in a systematic, computer-readable manner (right to data portability).

The candidate’s requests regarding their personal data shall be submitted to the Company by registered post at Lvovo St. 25- 306, LT-09320 Vilnius, Lithuania.

Candidates’ requests must contain the following:

  • information on the data subject (candidate) allowing the Company to identify the data subject;
  • the requested actions;
  • the personal data in respect of which such action is requested.

The Company shall examine the requests within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the receipt thereof, excluding further enquiries regarding the time of the request received, and shall notify the candidate of the actions taken in regard to the request. The candidate shall be notified in the same form in which the request was submitted.

A candidate who believes that their rights related to the processing of their personal data carried out by the Company have been violated shall have the right to appeal to the supervisory authority:

State Data Protection Inspectorate:
Company code: 188607912
A. Juozapavičiaus St. 6, 09310 Vilnius
Phone: (8 5) 271 2804, 279 1445
Fax: (8 5) 261 9494
E-mail: [email protected]

9. Other provisions

Candidate personal data shall not be transferred to third countries or international organizations. Automated decision making shall not apply to the data processing.

The Policy shall be reviewed regularly, but at least once a year and shall be completed or corrected accordingly if necessary.

The Policy shall remain in effect until it is amended or revoked by the Company.

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