As digital investments in the healthcare industry catch up with the rest of the digital economy, the consumers, or patients at the center, are ultimately the ones who'll be the winners.  From a better, digital customer experience, to better patient care through data-driven insights, to the abundance of devices available to monitor daily health, technology is making an impact, slowly, but surely.

We can help the Healthcare industry with digital transformation, and more specifically:

  • Internet of Things: We provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that allow doctors to obtain real-time analytics about their patients, detect exceptional conditions, and receive alarms in case of emergency.

  • Cloud: We possess practical knowledge in R&D services for healthcare client-server solutions based on public and private cloud infrastructure.

  • VoIP: We enable medical organizations to communicate more efficiently with the use of the enterprise VoIP communication solutions.

Our experience in the healthcare industry includes:

  • Vital Signs Monitoring: We've developed a cloud-based vital signs monitoring solution. Using a smartphone-based sensor, real-time data including oxygen saturation, temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate, and perfusion index is collected and uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

  • Enterprise Communications: We develop, test and support VoIP solutions for enterprise communications in hospitals, based on both IP DECT and WiFi desk phones/smartphones. The solutions include emergency messaging, which is crucial for healthcare organizations, helping to streamline care coordination, care responses, and care delivery.

  • eHealth & mHealth Applications: We have helped medical institutions to develop a business process management system aimed to provide healthcare services most efficiently and to meet all patients’ needs. We have also developed and implemented several mHealth and eHealth solutions for remote vital signs monitoring and achievement of fitness goals.

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