We are diligently working towards arranging a COVID-19 vaccination drive for all our employees and their family members at our office locations in India.

Kochi COVID-19 vaccination drive

Orion conducted our first COVID-19 vaccination drive in Kochi at the Adlux Apollo Hospital on June 12. We had more than 400 employees and their family members participating in this drive.

Coimbatore Vaccination Drive

We conducted our second drive at Coimbatore on June 15 at the Sri Ramakrishna Hospital. We had a good turnout from employees and their family members.

Other centers following soon for vaccination include Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Madurai.

Orion Emergency Response

To track employee health status and urgently dispatch support, we have launched the COVID care portal where people can alert us if they have contracted COVID-19. The website includes our emergency contact phone numbers and a distress button where visitors can alert local authorities and send support to those in need. We also have an “Emergency Response Team” (ERT) in India that will respond to serious conditions and provide medical care to employees and their families.

Read more about our employee relief efforts here.

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