At Orion, respect for all is a deeply ingrained value. We celebrate our differences and create a workplace where we can all thrive together. Read more about the Diversity & Inclusion aspects of our culture.

Global delivery model accessing highly qualified talent: We have robust pools of engineering talent, with selective close-to-client capabilities that enable us to deliver high-quality services tailored to meet rapidly evolving client needs in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. We have a multifaceted approach to recruitment and training. In order to retain high-quality talent, we have carefully cultivated ourselves as an employer of choice, offering diverse and engaging work experiences, a flat organization with clearly defined roles, and training opportunities for professional career growth.

Distinctive “glocal” culture: Our culture focuses on delivering client excellence while creating a fulfilling work environment. We have a strong commitment to innovation, transformative business results, and success for our clients. Our work environment fosters continuous learning, skill development, creativity, collaboration and design thinking. While we are a global firm with standards of excellence, we recognize and encourage the cultural uniqueness of our different delivery locations. We call this a “glocal culture”. This distinctive culture not only drives high-quality outcomes but also enables us to attract and retain talent.

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Our Kochi office celebrated with zest the Onam harvest festival of Kerala, September 2022

Trust and Flexibility: We trust our employees to do their best work regardless of where they are situated. We provide flexibility and work-life balance through our hybrid mode of work. Here’s what our employees are saying:

“The recently introduced hybrid mode of work at Orion has given me the flexibility and freedom to choose which days of the week I need to come into the office and those that I could work from home. Giving an employee the choice to switch between work from home and office, clearly shows the organization’s trust in the employee, and this motivates me to work better and contribute to the organization’s mission and culture. The hybrid mode helps balance both work and personal life. In working from home, one can spend the commute time to the office with family instead, even do some cooking or engage in cardio exercises that elevate the mood. This results in a balanced workload and higher work-life balance.” – Ashish George, Business Analyst, Kochi

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