Orion’s core values set the tone for our culture. They boil down to one powerful acronym – GROW.

Growth mindset – We embrace opportunities to learn, expand skills and take on new challenges that stretch us.

Respect for all – We celebrate our differences and create a workplace where we can all thrive together.

Out-of-the-box thinking – We are curious to innovate, co-create and experiment.

World-class execution – We are deeply immersed with clients and build trust through consistent excellence in execution.

Our values inform the attributes that we look for in our people – our “Orioneers” who pioneer new ways of working and innovating for our clients.

Stay curious – We have an inquisitive mindset; we focus on growth, and we are continuous learners.

Execute with agility – We are hungry to solve problems; have a client-focused mindset, a commitment to fast-paced execution, and to do things right the first time.

Foster camaraderie – We are team players and contribute to the success of our project; we support each other and our communities, we are humble, have respect for others, and celebrate our differences.

Take initiative – We are self-starters, embody an entrepreneurial spirit, proactively seek opportunities to scale and improve our business, and are empowered to act.

When we say #GrowWithOrion, we provide the opportunities for our people to grow with programs such as Orion Academy, LinkedIn Learning, or on-demand training with a mix of learning methodologies from classroom to gamification.

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