Reboot With Orion Program

It’s easy to argue there is nothing more beautiful than motherhood, and yet there are challenges working mothers face every day. Almost half of working mothers have taken an extended career break after the birth of their children. Nearly two-thirds of working parents in a poll by LinkedIn and Censuswide said returning moms face unnecessary obstacles that make it challenging for them to advance in their careers.

As part of Orion’s diversity initiatives, we want to encourage women to reenter the workforce when they are ready and provide structured support to build their confidence. In 2021, we launched a pilot program in India providing opportunity to women to recommence tech careers after an extended career break.

The Reboot with Orion Program provides women reentering the workforce with a valuable set of tools and resources to rejoin the business world and advance their careers. It provides guidance, buddies, women leader mentors, technology and soft skills training, and flexibility to help ensure their success. 

We value the contributions of women in roles across our organization. The company is very focused on ensuring that women have opportunities to be elevated into leadership roles and provide support and flexibility. We celebrate our women employees and their contributions as leaders and innovators. Learn more about our Diversity & Inclusion program here.

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