Using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Orion Automotive License Plate Recognition is an intelligent solution that automatically registers all vehicle license plates through live video stream recording. Using Machine Learning, it ensures that all license plates are registered when entering and exiting a given parking area. After looking up recognized license plate numbers, the solution then identifies cars that can park in the area. 

The Orion Automotive License Plate Recognition streamlines tracking for faster car processing, reduces manual effort for security teams, and eliminates the possibility for human error. Using Machine Learning to recognize license number plates makes the solution fast and reliable. It can even recognize license plates that aren’t positioned properly, and it can be implemented with both colored and greyscale video streams.


  • Detection and recognition of car license plates
  • Event registration in the internal database or external information system
  • License plate number lookup in the internal database or external information system
  • Web interface, displaying real-time video stream and list of registered events along with corresponding video frames


  • Accelerates the car registration process and reduces manual effort
  • Eliminates possibility for errors that often result from manual data entry
  • Used for admittance to parking lots, car registration during events, and traffic monitoring

Additional Services

  • Integration: Deployment and integration in your environment.
  • Customization: Development of new or adaptation of existing features to fit your needs.
  • Maintenance: Support of deployed solution in case of found defects.