In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, enterprises must modernize their data infrastructure and pivot with changing market dynamics. To remain competitive, companies must take proactive measures towards agility and responsiveness and overcome the constraints of existing cloud-based platforms. 

To position your organization for success in the digital age, it’s crucial to adopt transformative strategies that empower real-time decision-making and streamline operations. This webinar was broadcast live on May 30th, 2024, where Orion’s data experts and our Microsoft partner, guided attendees through using Microsoft Fabric to elevate their data capabilities and enhance business agility.

The webinar covered: 

  • Industry trends driving urgency for transition to the modern data platform 
  • Challenges facing decision makers with current cloud-based analytics platforms 
  • Transitioning to the modern data platforms with transformative strategies for operational excellence 
  • Platform modernization with migration pathways to Microsoft Fabric 

Naveen Krishnan
Senior Cloud Solution Architect

Ahsan Farooqi
Global Data & Analytics Head
Orion Innovation

John Vizzotti
Sr. Director – Data & Analytics
Orion Innovation

Webinar audience: 

  • Business and Technology Leaders at mid-sized to large enterprises 
  • Data Practitioners: Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Chief Data Analytics Officers, directors, and managers involved in data and analytics enterprise initiatives 

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