Orion’s Financial Services leader, Anoop Gala, joined Bank Automation News for a webinar to discuss how automation and AI can work together in creating new digital offerings that enhance customer experiences.

“The number one purpose of using automation is to deliver a frictionless experience. The second is productivity. But it’s not just productivity alone. It’s also important to deliver a lot of speed and agility to the whole business process,” Anoop says in the interview.

Automation underlies digital transformation and enables a more personalized digital experience for the customer. However, in order to achieve a dynamic experience, banks must shift their focus from simple tasks and process automation to orchestrating automation across all business functions.

Customer experience trends to recognize:

  1. Due to the pandemic, business processes that were not previously digitized have been forced to operate remotely, making digital the new default.
  2. Resiliency and agility will help achieve maximum efficiency.
  3. The future of digital experiences will rely on human-centric design surrounding user preferences, behaviors, and emotions.
  4. The future of commerce and business environments will continue shifting to digital interfaces.
  5. Hyper automation will move beyond basic tasks, processes, and workflows.

This year, Orion is prioritizing automation-related initiatives or technologies for the Financial Services industry, including Digital Account Opening & Onboarding, Contact Center Transformation, and Wealth/Asset Management.

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