Financial Services: Behavioral Science led Human-Centric CX

Designing experiences through insights that maximize engagement, trust and loyalty

Orion elevates the customer experience (CX) by using behavioral science and a human-centric approach to understand experience challenges across various platforms. This expertise allows us to create frictionless experiences that build more robust and engaging relationships between a user and a brand.

Customer experience should be immersive, contextual, frictionless and insightful. We build “Fit For Purpose” solutions for financial services products to reimagine the customer experience. By creating short, intuitive task-based, contextual user journeys, we improve your customer’s experience that reflect the goals they need to accomplish while driving business impact.

What We Do

  • Produce a clear digital strategy by aligning goals from multiple stakeholders 
  • Visualize high-level ideas and concepts into digital product experiences
  • Understand your customers’ challenges through evidence-based behavior research  
  • Turn customer emotions and indirect data into actionable insights

How We Do It

  • Using behavioral science and human centric approach to understand experience challenges across various platforms
  • Establish guiding design principles that serve as the foundation for new digital experiences to extend beyond target segments and attract new customers audiences
  • Apply diagnostic insights and emerging technologies to drive real-time personalization

Our Offerings

  • Digital Product Strategy​
  • Experience Journey Innovation​
  • Unified Experience Design Systems​
  • Platform & Service Design​
  • Data Personalization & Visualization
  • Design strategy to align business priorities with user goals. ​
  • Translate human experiences into intuitive user journeys that drives impactful business products​
  • Build a human-centric culture to keep ahead of rapidly changing global market.


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