Orion’s innovative platforms, frameworks, and playbook make us a niche service provider and an ideal partner for delivering true digital operations, automated infrastructure managed services and end-to-end cloud solutions.

With over 26 years of diverse industry experience and a comprehensive portfolio of managing end-to-end infrastructure and cloud services, we offer a balance of business aligned IT and future-proof technology platforms.

Our services are focused on an “operate and transform” approach, which takes enterprise’s operational efficiency to a whole new level. Orion’s capabilities are focused on five main domains, and for each domain, we have global experience with Fortune 100 customers.

The Five Domains

Cloud, AIOps and Automation are our core in how we deliver digital transformation for clients.

Orion’s data migration framework, Nucleus DMF, and our application migration framework, Nucleus AMF, help our clients with seamless and risk-free data and application migration.

  1. Cloud & Automation Services

Cloud Advisory & Assessment

  • IaaS Platform Model Functionality Features
  • Discovery, Technical Review and Advisory
  • Application Assessment and Rationalization

Hybrid Cloud Management

  • Multi-cloud Marketplace
  • Multi-cloud Platform Brokering
  • Integrated Operations

Infra SaaS Offerings

  • Messaging and Collaboration
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Saas Migrations

IaaS & Private Cloud Deployment

  • Managed Private Cloud
  • Dedicated Private Cloud
  • Dedicated Private Cloud-3rd Party

Managed Hosting

  • Partnership with leading data center providers CDI, Tier Point, Savvis / CenturyLink
  • Shared and Dedicated Managed Services

Cloud Migration Services

  • Cloud to Cloud Migration
  • Private to Public Cloud Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Service Accounting and Automation

Managed Cloud Operation Services

Orion provides clients with solutions for migrating their existing infrastructure and applications to the cloud. Through our partnerships with major cloud providers, like Microsoft Azure™, AWS™ and GCP; we design custom-made cloud solutions addressing client needs.

Orion can help enterprises utilize the power of cloud automation tools and capabilities offered by public cloud vendors through our partnerships. We can also help enterprises build automation features in the private cloud, such as open stack or CloudFoundry or any third-party tool that can perform cloud automation. Some other examples include Puppet, Chef, Kubernetes, and Cloudify.

2. NextGen Data Center Services

A data center should be service-oriented with a secure infrastructure, but this requires the highest degree of automation and a functional, concrete process framework. 

We have developed a hybrid architecture that helps reduce total ownership cost using significantly enhanced operations. With the help of our strong partnerships, we also offer various strategic models, like pay-per-use and infrastructure as service (IaaS), both of which enable many enterprises to change their CapEX to OpEx.

Orion can also help you gain Full Visibility Across Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT Environments and bring Context to Operational Data and Empower Intelligent & Automated IT. Our services in the Data Center space are:

Consulting & Advisory

  • HCI / SDDC Advisory and Consulting
  • DC Transformation Assessment and Consulting

Platforms & Solutions

  • Cross Platform Migration Services
  • DB and MW Services

3. AIOps & Enterprise Service Management

Orion’s Nucleus framework holds ESM and AIOps at its core to manage enterprises with the highest degree of agility. Nucleus is an Intelligent Service Management model for Modern Organizations, and it helps enterprises reimagine how IT partners can work with employees to transform businesses.

The Nucleus Framework effortlessly integrates business functions like Governance, Risk and Compliance with functional pillars like Infra Ops, DevOps, Development, and Architecture. 

This framework holds ITSM NERVOUS SYSTEM & INTEGRATION HUB to its core and integrates business reflexes with IT functions, processes, and events across enterprises. With this unification, enterprises gain actionable insights and seamless control of infrastructure. 

Orion has strong capability and competency in multiple ESM tools as a solid foundation of nucleus platform. 

Orion also offers reliable, cost-effective ESM solutions, which help to improve uptime and reduce support costs. Our ESM experts can aid you in creating a transformational road map by refining the existing ESM tool portfolio and facilitating migration to more robust tools. With Orion’s EMS solutions, enterprises see higher returns on investment (ROI), improved productivity levels, and reduced costs.

4. Security Service

Cloud computing offers increased deployment speed, scalability, reduced costs, automation, availability, and more flexibility. Using cloud technology also changes the risk landscape, impacting confidentiality, privacy, integrity and regulatory compliance. Therefore, it’s critical to that ensure the proper security controls are in place and the new environment meets compliance requirements. Our cybersecurity engineers can perform tests to assess the security of your cloud implementation: 

  • Network Architecture Security Assessments
  • Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking
  • Application Security Testing
  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Audits

5. Network & Unified Communications

Network and unified communications is the undisputed nervous system of every enterprise, and we integrate discrete component sources from multiple vendors for different areas, thus building capabilities around top of breed service delivery, video and VoIP, infrastructure design and SDN NFV solutions to address your enterprise’s challenges.

Orion Innovation provides Managed Services to operate and maintain network solutions.

Our key offerings include:

  • Upgrade, Extension, Maintenance
  • Managed Services
  • Deployment and Integration 
  • Design & Architecture
  • Planning & Audit

Orion provides solutions that can be used to maximize existing network capabilities by integrating new networking technologies with existing infrastructures, or we can build a network from scratch.

Our Managed Network Provider Solutions include:

  • WAN Optimization
  • Access Points & Controllers
  • Routers & Switches

Nucleus is a unified framework that consists of 3 main parts:

  1. Nucleus CAF (Cloud Assessment Framework) 
  2. Nucleus DMF (Data Migration Framework)
  3. Nucleus AMF (Application Migration Framework)

Nucleus CAF allows enterprise to shape their strategies through assessment.

Nucleus CAF also helps in shaping “ZERO RISK” migration, transformation of Workload and Application, Migration of Data, Application transformation / remediation, SaaS services deployment, and PaaS services deployment. Essentially, Nucleus CAF stabilizes the migrated environment and enables agile operations. 

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