Our team of more than 300 front-end engineers are experienced in delivering production-ready modern web applications—starting from UI/UX sketches—across multiple platforms including web, mobile and desktop.

Designing, creating and
governing web applications
Dynamic Web App Development

Developing modern, dynamic and reactive web apps using the latest technologies including React, Angular and ViewJS stack.

Cross-Platform Web App Development for Mobile and Desktop

Delivering cross-platform progressive mobile and desktop web applications using Electron, Flutter and other frameworks.

Blazingly Fast Corporate Websites

Building corporate web sites using JAMstack on the cloud edge and CDN.

Web Solution Architecture

Developing web solution architecture using reactive, progressive and serverless approaches and micro front-ends.

Web Applications

Develop requirements—formal user stories and journeys, with acceptance criteria.


Provide UI/UX prototyping, high-level design decisions, technology stack selection, project phases and flow details.


Implement and integrate with design documentation, using an iterative approach.

Build and Testing

Provide end-to-end and integration, load and nonfunctional system testing using best in class CI/CD stacks.

Maintenance and Feedback

Monitor user activity against UI/UX.


One of the largest US-based customer-facing biotech companies
We developed a management system for medical analysis and treatment plans, including medical analysis ordering and payments for the front office.

Solution & Technologies
We utilized a micro front-end approach, working with a library of over 100 custom web components; technologies including Typescript, React/Redux, Webpack MFE and NX.

Micro front-ends
Custom web components
Active users
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