Video Engineering

Removing your limitations

For two decades, Orion’s software platform and solution accelerators have been quietly powering the video service delivery networks of the world’s top tier 1 operators. We are experts in building, integrating and deploying software for devices and cloud-based services for our Media customers whose consumers utilize mobile phones, smart TV, set-top boxes and IP devices to consume content and media programming.

“Spanning from client devices to cloud platforms, our wide spectrum of technologies yield product improvements, increased monetization, and a refined end customer experience.”
Rich Neill
Video Engineering
Bespoke Solutions
Our history is steeped in video and its complexity. We create custom solutions for every requirement. From major video delivery platforms to discrete integration projects, our experts want to solve any problem, in any functionality.
Android, TV, OTT, CPE, UI
Provide solutions for any device, OS, UI, app or service.
BSS/OOS, Network, Cloud
Integrate, migrate and orchestrate Cloud OSS/BSS.
Premium Apps, OTT/IP Services
Integrate premium apps and OTT/IP services, such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+.
We’ve Seen Everything
Our track record shows we can tackle any program, at any point in its lifecycle, delivering the required results—from the specification and development phases through deployment and into decommissioning/EOL.
Monetization, Analytics, Monitoring
Leverage our robust user analytics and monetization services.
Engineering Services
Architecture and design consultation for any cloud, BSS/OSS, device, or service.
Get There Faster
Our proprietary products and accelerators leverage our decades of experience to get you to market sooner. Together, we define your needs, ringfence your challenges, and get you on the optimal path.
Orion Matrix
Our Cloud API management/integration platform solution accelerator.
Orion Stack
Our solutions for any device, OS, UI, app or service.
Orion Cloud Modules
Our BSS/OSS orchestration microservices.
“Orion delivered, on time and on budget, a high-quality app seamlessly integrated with our infrastructure exceeding KPIs and requirements.”
Kim Larsen
T-Mobile Netherlands
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